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General Purpose Gloves For Any Application

General Purpose Gloves For Any Application

SHOWA General Purpose Gloves

Life presents a wide variety of tasks, and you need a glove that fits each purpose. From firm grip and comfortability to a design optimized for high performance, SHOWA general purpose gloves offer long-lasting, multi-functional hand protection for daily work to the most strenuous tasks. Explore our general purpose glove options here and read the features below.

Why general purpose gloves?
Why general purpose gloves?

Your hands are exposed to many strains and perform a wide variety of tasks. Toxic chemicals want to damage your skin. Abrasive surfaces can cause lasting lacerations. Punctures, cuts, or chemical damage can happen on the job or at home. However, you can take steps to protect your skin to keep your hands functioning in both the long and short term.


Our wide variety of general purpose gloves offer your hand protection for any tasks. Made to offer the perfect fit, reinforced with quality material at high-wear points, composed for multi-use hand safety, protecting against protruding screws, blisters, repetitive shocks and more, our functional gloves meet your needs. With dexterity and durability, you’ll find a lasting toughness ready to meet a variety of tasks. 


General purpose gloves are perfect multipurpose hand protection both for on the job site and at home.

What makes a glove?
What makes a glove?

Although a glove may sound simple, our SHOWA gloves offer premium composition that reflects our commitment to always innovating and never imitating. A global powerhouse in protection, we have over 100 researchers pioneering quality glove composition to ensure your optimal performance and protection as we give ordinary hands extraordinary abilities.


Our gloves attend to key features in hand protection.


  • Exceptional Grip: gloves are enhanced through a quality grip experience. Our options, including a foam natural rubber finish, provide multilayered secure grip and increased abrasion resistance.
  • Water-repellent Barrier: our excellently engineered coating provides a shell that repels water and other liquids. Through its finish and durable coating, it keeps your glove fit secure and uncontaminated.
  • Enhanced Breathability: our glove materials optimize your hand’s internal temperature no matter the external elements. Through intentional design which decreases and reduces your perspiration, your hands can maintain optimum comfort for the best glove-wearing experience.
  • Premium Fit: through ergonomic design that replicates your hands’ natural curvatures, our general purpose gloves are strategically made to best suit your hand’s form. This allows you optimum range of motion through your protective covering.
  • Soft Comfort: ensuring decreased irritation to the skin on your hands and wrists, our knit liners provide a comfortable general purpose glove-wearing experience. Through the quality design, you’re able to wear the gloves for longer periods of time over consecutive uses without as much abrasive irritation. 



What’s the right size?
What’s the right size?

Glove size matters, and we offer a range of sizes to help you select your best hand-fit for optimal skin-surface contact. 


In our gloves, you’ll find some with a color-coded cuff which enables size recognition and easy pairing after washing the gloves with others of the same size and type.


In order to find your best fit, we recommend following our general guidelines while also testing your hands in the particular variety of glove you’re considering. If the glove is fitted too tightly, you are susceptible to lose blood circulation and encounter hand movement restriction. If the glove is fitted too loosely, such oversized fitting can cause hand slippage and imprecise handling. To avoid such deficits, we offer sample distribution for you to try and then select your optimum fit.

What are the material and coating options?

Our multi-purpose general gloves are uniquely designed through using glove fibers, materials, and coatings that serve a wide range of purposes that can meet your varied needs.


Where can you use general purpose gloves?
Where can you use general purpose gloves?

General purpose gloves are widely relied upon for their wide range of functions. Necessary for strenuous on-the-job tasks, they are versatile enough to suit many home and as needed projects. 


General use, multipurpose gloves are greatly beneficial in a variety of industries, including: mechanics, manufacturing, municipal services, oil and gas, manufacturing, airports, and much more.


Durable, breathable, and with firm grip and optimal comfort, these multiuse general use gloves are essential for your hand protection in a range of activities. These might involve an array of activities such as washing, cleaning, cutting, chemical handling, demolition, drilling, component assembly, landscaping, agricultural pursuits, mounting, dismantling, public utility, janitorial, equipment handling, DIY projects, and more.



Your hands can do anything. We protect them from everything. Around the world, SHOWA gives ordinary hands extraordinary abilities. With production facilities across the globe, SHOWA holds 58 patents, employs over 6,000 hardworking individuals and maintains over 100 researchers to have earned our place as the number one brand through over 70 years of unrivaled innovation. 


As a fully integrated manufacturer of both medical and industrial PPE hand protection, we work with the latest technological advancements with a renewed focus on creativity and innovation. Creating our own machinery, yarns, coatings, polymers, designs, and hand formers, we control every step of the process for complete quality control at every level. With eight major product families--impact protection, cut protection, chemical protection, cold protection, heat protection, antistatic, single use, and general purpose--you can trust SHOWA’s extensive experience, quality production, commitment to innovation, and trusted products for all your general purpose glove needs and much more.


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